Brook Revisited

by Adam Melchor

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Brook Revisited was written about one of my best friends who passed away from an opioid overdose after years of abuse. It inspired me to reconnect with my childhood best friend, Brook, who moved away at a young age and always reminded me of my friend. After 15 years of separation, I was able to find Brook and the spirit that brought us together.


Have you ever seen someone with dreamcatchers for teeth
Islands in their eyes and fire in their speech
Hair grown like the willow tree and water runnin in their name
and so how could you blame
a river born is water that was meant to move
how could I catch water that ran through my youth
Everyday I wonder what you turned into and what you became

Are you the very same
Are you the very same

Brook who told me im the one who’s leavin
I was in the kitchen and my heart was bleedin
Oh i never knew if it was ok to feel it
Oh, I suppose I should know

The past is void and all the future’s too
and neither will make sense just as they never do
Julie called me up and when she asked me if I heard the news

I knew that it was true
I knew that it was true

when Brook told me Drew’s the one youre leavin
i was in the kitchen and my heart was bleedin
oh i never knew if it was okay to feel it
oh, I suppose, I should know

the loudest prayers are silent in the way they move
the greatest secrets ever found are in my youth

we’re all just a couple kids with dreamcatchers for teeth
islands in our eyes and fire in our speech
tryin to find some freedom from the troubled streams of form

Thats why i feel it all
Thats why i feel it all

When I told brook youre the one I needed
i was in the kitchen while my heart was bleedin
Oh I never knew if it was okay to feel it
oh, i should know
I should know you leave, you turn me to see my
body’s just a monument the spirit bleeds in
Drawn in like the river, drawn in like the brook and
oh, I should know, I should know

You’re never comin back
Youre never comin back
Youre never comin back
Youre never comin back


released February 24, 2017
Written, Performed, Produced by Adam Melchor
Recorded at Portrait Recording Studios in Pompton Plains, NJ
Engineer: Chris Badami
Mix: Josh Kaler
Mastering: Joe LaPorta at Sterling Sound
Additional Mastering: Sterling Fox

Released on Blanket Fort Records, February 24, 2017.



all rights reserved


Adam Melchor New Jersey

Adam Melchor is a 24 year old recording artist from New Jersey. In his debut EP The Archer, Adam weaves intensely personal lyrics with colloquial melody to create a vivid yet vulnerable narrative. Carried by his folk guitar playing and impressive vocals, the songs showcase a musical empathy rare for an artist of Adam‘s age and comparable to contemporaries like M. Ward or Conor Oberst. ... more


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